Virtual Technology and Design Experience

Project Overview

The VTD environment is a project that is much like VTD itself.  It is a project that really has no end.  Dale Amen and Wesley McCormick worked hard on this world, but much can still be done to add to the experience of VTD.

There were a few things that should be mentioned that we managed to design but not implement.  First, we created a character to represent VTD and guide the explorer through the world.  Second we recorded a narration for this character to explain the finer details of the world. Unfortunately neither component is implemented in this version of the project. 

Despite what was not included in this submission of an environment for VTD, what has been created is an excellent base world for the VTD program to build and expand on.  In a way, our goal was not to create a completely concrete world for VTD because VTD is not a totally concrete, static program.  The Virtual Technology and Design program is ever-changing, and ever-expanding.  This environment reflects that and allows for growth and new interpretations from future VTD students. 

Thank You

Dale Amen (VTD Junior, 2012)