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     Women in Natural Resources (WiNR) was a unique journal in the field of natural resources, combining the best elements of a technical journal, the informal style of a newsletter, and the reader-friendly format of a magazine. It was designed and written by women at all levels in forestry, fisheries, wildlife, range, recreation, soils, and the environmental and social sciences as they relate to natural resources. Contributers were women in management, in federal and state agencies, on faculties, in labs, in the business world, and in the consulting field. A digital archive of articles published between 2001-2013 is available below.
Articles at WiNR

Dr. Ruth Patrick Dies at 105   December 2013
Ruth Patrick: An Interview Daina Dravnieks Apple From the Women in Natural Resources Archives
We Made Goats of Ourselves in the Wilderness   From the Women in Natural Resources Archives
A Novel Experiment: Hallie Comes to Eddy's Gulch   From the Women in Natural Resources Archives
Articles, 2004-11  
Removal of the Ob-Noxious Weed Scotch Broom in the Klamath River Watershed Xana Hermosillo September 2010
Bunch Grasses Protect Soil and Build Community in Northern California


Amanda Barker March 2010
An Experimental Education Carolyn A. Copenheaver August 2009
Partnering for Pallid Passage Becky Latka May 2009
Wheat Bran: A Supplement for Mushroom Cultivation in Nigeria E.N. Ekpo, O.O. Olasupo, and M.A. Eriavbe February 2009
"Give Said the Little Stream:" An urban stream cleanup's impact on scholarly advancement and community enhancement Helen Ruth Aspaas November 2008
Mangrove Forest Research in Mengkabong, Sabah, Malaysia Sarva Mangala Praveena, Miroslav Radojevic, and Mohd Harun Abdulla May 2008
PMS in the Woods: A Weekend of Chili, Chocolate, and Beer Becky Latka October 2007
Working in the "High Country" of New South Wales, in Kosciuszko National Park


Corinne Unger January 2006
Using Theater to Address Natural Resource Challenges


Viviane Simon-Brown and Janean Creighton October 2005
Fire Betsy Howell September 2005

Dr. Mamie Parker


Craig Springer October 2004
Knowledge, Power, and Society: Participatory Marine Management in East Africa and Eastern North America Heidi Glaesel Frontani September 2004
Interview: Elizabeth C. Titus Putnam and the Student Conservation Association Nina S. Roberts  

June 2004