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WRC Teaching Staff

  • Steve Hollenhorst, Department Head, Conservation Social Sciences.
  • Troy Hall, Assistant Professor of Conservation Social Sciences
  • Ed Krumpe Professor of Conservation Social Sciences.

Conservation Social Sciences (CSS) Courses taught by Wilderness & Protected Area Research Center Staff
  • CSS 491
    Wilderness Leadership for Personal Growth, 3 credits, Offered Spring. 
    (Staff) Introduction to the diversity of wilderness experience programs in the U.S., the theories guiding their methods and approaches, and hands-on training in soft skills leadership of wilderness experiences.
  • CSS  490
    (Krumpe) Wilderness Management, 3 credits, Offered Spring.   
    Basic principals, methods and practices employed in Wilderness Management.
  • CSS  496
    (Krumpe) Monitoring Human Impacts in Wilderness, 1-3 credits, Offered Spring
    Direct and indirect impacts derived from wilderness use and management and
    methods and approaches for addressing them
  • CSS  287
    (Krumpe) Principles of Resource Recreation and Tourism, 3 credits, Offered Fall. 

Recreation (REC) Courses taught by Wilderness Research Center Staff

  • REC 125
    (Kinziger)  Outdoor Leadership Pursuits, 3 credits, Offered Spring.
  • REC Activity Courses
    (Kinziger, Beiser, Staff)  Activity Courses, 1-3 credits, Offered Fall and Spring.
    A variety of outdoor activity courses are taught in the Recreation Department including Mountain Biking, Whitewater Kayaking, Canoeing, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Winter Camping Skills, Wilderness First-Aid.