Cryptography, Fall 2012

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Instructor Hirotachi Abo
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You must have a mastery of MATH 330 material to proceed.


Title Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory
Author Wade Trappe and Lawrence C. Washington
Publisher Prentice Hall
Year Published 2005
Book ID 0131862391


The exchange of sensitive information over the Internet has become common practice, and protecting such data is now a serious issue. The methods employed to keep information secret falls within the general catregory of cryptography, much of which relies on the mathematical topics of algebra and number theory. The main goal of this course is to learn a collection of techniques used in both classical and modern cryptography and to understand the underlying mathematics.


Grades will be based on homework, exams and projects weighted as follows:

Points Due date
Homework 100 Fridays
Exam 1 100 09/14/12
Exam 2 100 10/12/12
Exam 3 100 11/14/12
Final Exam 200 12/14/12 (12:30-2:30pm)

The grading scheme is the following:

A 100-88 B 87-75 C 74-61 D 60-50 F 49-0


Homework will be assigned and collected weekly.


There will be three one hour exams. These exams will be based on chapter material and homework problems.

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