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US History
to 1877
Lower division
US History
from 1877
Lower Division
Native American History 1
Upper Division
Native American History 2
Upper Division
Atlantic History Seminar Womens History
Upper Division
Early American History
Upper Division
Revolutionary America Pirates
Upper Division
Rogues And Rebels
AMST 301
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Two Worlds Meet American Frontiers     tTopic by week Week 1 Reading Cartography and the Atlantic General Early American Texts Weekly Slides Weekly Slides The Social Bandit
Migration Urban Industrialization and Labour     Contacts  Weekly Slides General Books English Expansion UI Pirate Books John Smith
Colonial Development Progressivism and the 1920s Consumption  First week secondary articles
A - Bailyn
B - Games
Emigration UI Pirate DVDs Pilgrims
America and the Atlantic Great Depression and New Deal    Conversions Sample paper questions Thomas Paine
Revolutionary America US Foreign Policy in 20th Century     Clashes Reading Week 1 Slides Modes of Clonization Nat Turner
Jacksonian America The Affluent Society Conclusion Reading Week 2 Slides American Society 1660 - 1700 John Brown
The South and Sectionalism The Civil Rights Movement     Non-Text Reading Week 3 Slides Religious Experience Jessie james
The Civil War the time's they are a changin!    Power Point and Groups Week 4 Slides Everyday Lives Judith Murry
Reconstruction 1970s Crisis to Reaganism    Presentation Groupp Slavery Jane Adams
Postmodern America Links for missing articles in 2nd edition  Themes of Early America H.H. Holmes
Eleanor Roosevelt
Martin Luther King & Malcolm X
James Dean and the Teenager
Ceaser Chavez