Statistics 404 - SAS Programming and Data Analysis, Module 1 (Spring 2003)

Instructor: Dr. Chris Williams              Office: Room 414 Brink Hall 

Phone: 885-2802 (direct) or 885-2929 (Division office) 

Meeting times: MWF 12:30-1:20 Admin 227 
Office Hours: MWF 1:30-2:20 or by appointment. 

Prerequisites: Stat 251 or equivalent coursework. 

Text: SAS Programming for Researchers and Social Scientists 
by Paul E. Spector 



The webpage will contain announcements, summaries of lectures,
lists of assignments with due dates, and other information.

Objectives: To learn many of the features of the SAS Data step, including
data management, data transformations, and data simulation. 


Homework: 75%
Final 25% Friday, February 21

In a course that bases much of the grade on homework, it is essential for each student to do their own work. I am going to use the definitions of Academic Honesty that Dr. Paul Spector, the author of our text, uses for his SAS internet course. Each student is required to visit his Academic Dishonesty page at , and send me an email message acknowledging that you have read and understand the policy.

When submitting homework, send me an email message with 3 things:

  1. The code from the SAS editor window
  2. The text from the SAS log
  3. The text from the SAS output window

Put this text in the text of your email message - DO NOT send them as attachments.