Statistics 431 (formerly Stat 401) - Statistical Analysis

Instructor: Dr. Chris Williams, Room 414 Brink Hall

Mailing address: Department of Statistics, P.O. Box 441104, University of Idaho, Moscow ID 83844-1104

Phone: 885-2802 (direct) or 885-2929 (Statistics office).

The Engineering Outreach toll-free phone number is (800) 824-2889 (extension 2802)

Fax: (208) 885-6165 (EO)

Prerequisites: Statistics 251, 271, 301 or equivalent coursework.

Office Hours: The hour before class or by appointment.



The webpage will contain announcements, summaries of lectures, lists of review problems with due dates, and other information. Of particular interest is the lectures page (, which has a listing of current and upcoming lecture topics along with suggested reading and review problems.

Text: An Introduction to Statistical Methods and Data Analysis (6th ed.), by R.L. Ott and M. Longnecker. Brooks/Cole, 2010.
Datasets and some answers are available at the text website.

Course description: Concepts and methods of statistical research including multiple regression, contigency tables and chi-square, experimental design, analysis of variance, multiple comparisons, and analysis of covariance.

Objectives: To develop an understanding of the role of statistics in scientific research, and to develop the ability to apply appropriate statistical methods to one's own research data.

We will use the SAS computer package throughout the course, and some code for R will also be available. Helpful information about SAS can be found at the University of Idaho Statistical Consulting Center SAS reference page (

Grading: Exams 90%; Project 10%. We will have exams at about every eighth lecture. Usually each exam will be preceded by a review session based on previously assigned problems. The project involves analysis of actual data. A brief description of the proposed project is due by lecture #10, and the completed project is due at the end of the course. Additional information is available at the project link (