Poster Project Description - Statistics 514 - Fall 2010

Collect a research-type data set and analyze the data using methods that are covered in our course. You should plan to use methods from at least two chapters in the text.   Get my approval before conducting your analyses. Your project is due in two parts. The first two issues listed below must be written up and turned in by Friday, September 17, while the final poster will be displayed in class near the end of the semester. Your poster should address the following issues:

  1. Introduction
  2. Describe the analyses that will be conducted.

  3. These first two sections (listed above) are due on Friday, September 17.  They will also appear on the final poster.

  4. Present the results of the analyses.
  5. Discuss the implications of your results for this field, and compare your results to other published results. (Most of this should follow from your results and the background information in part 1)

Poster construction:

You can use 3' x 4' foldout posterboards for taping sheets of paper.   More details to follow.

Poster evaluation:

During our poster exhibit periods, each student will write comments about posters.  A small part of the project grade for each student will be based on these evaluations of other posters.

General notes: