Project Description - Statistics 521

Find a multivariate data set and analyze the data using methods that are covered in our course. You may use any of the methods we discuss in class. Your report is due in two parts. The first section of the report along with a plan for sections two and three are due by February 27, and the final project report is due by May 7. Your final report, which should be approximately 10 typed pages in length (plus an Appendix with selected graphs, SAS code, and a maximum of 15 pages of computer printouts), will describe your analyses and should include four sections:

I. Introduction

Here you give a general introduction to the research field, introduce the questions of interest, and how your data are intended to help answer the research questions. Be sure to include what population the data are sampled from, and whether the data come from an experiment, a survey, or an observational study. This section should also include references to related research.

II. Exploratory data analysis

Display a variety of appropriate plots and visual displays to help in understanding your data.

III. Statistical analyses

Use appropriate statistical notation to describe the model(s) used in the data analyses. For example, in a MANOVA you would write out the linear model for the data. Analyze the data using SAS. Present the main results from the analyses in the body of the report. In an Appendix include printouts of the raw data, any additional graphical displays, the SAS programs, and all of the computer results.

IV. Conclusions

Discuss the implications of your results for this field, and compare your results to other published results. (Most of this should follow from your results and the background information in part I)


In the Appendix include printouts of the raw data (not to exceed 2 pages), graphical displays, the SAS programs, and all of the computer results (up to 15 pages in total).