Chapman Conference Posters

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The posters are listed alphabetically by presenter:

Marco Bagnardi | Time series of volcanic deformation in the Galapagos: A perspective from InSAR, GPS, and seismic data

Marco Bagnardi | Evidence of multiple magma reservoirs at Fernandina volcano

Marco Bagnardi | The April 2009 eruption of Fernandina volcano: onset and effects observed by Satellite Radar Interferometry

George W. Bergantz | Magma Systems in the Galapagos Islands: The Dynamics of and Evidence for the Transition Between Crystal Rich and Crystal Poor Conditions

Todd A. Bianco | Geochemical Variations at Hotspots Caused by Variable Melting of Veined Mantle Plumes

Bryndis Brandsdottir | Plume-Ridge Interactions in Iceland and Galapagos, Crustal Buildup and Volcanism

Anne E. Carey | Climate, dust, and soil biogeochemistry on volcanic islands

Millard F. Coffin | Deep structural images of the Ontong Java Plateau deduced from an active source seismic experiment

Alice Colman | Influence of Magma Supply on Galápagos Spreading Center Magmatic and Eruptive Processes

Eduardo Contreras-Reyes | Magmatic processes beneath the Louisville and Juan Fernández hotspot tracks from wide angle seismic data

Rajdeep Dasgupta | Constraining pyroxenite component in OIB source through melt-rock reaction experiments in pyroxenite-peridotite system and partitioning of first-row transition elements during mantle melting

Robert A. Duncan | How Did the Galápagos Hotspot Begin?

Deborah E. Eason | Insights into melt and chemical transport rates in the mantle from the volcanic response to glacial unloading in Iceland

Cynthia J. Ebinger | Magmatism and faulting on Isabela Island, Galapagos interpreted from seismicity and InSAR patterns

Cinzia G. Farnetani | Origin of hotspot lavas geochemical zoning: a geodynamics perspective

Alejandro Gallego | Analysis of surface wave azimuthal anisotropy with geodynamic models and application to the Iceland hotspot

Katrina A. Garman | Investigating Plume-ridge Interaction and its Tectonic Implications: Insights from the Distal Ends of the Galápagos Spreading Center at 86°W and 97.5°W

Dennis Geist | A Petrologic Model of the Galapagos Plume

Dennis Geist | An Evolutionary Model of Galapagos Magma Chambers

Sally A. Gibson | Constraints on the transition from active plume upwelling to lateral mantle flow beneath Galápagos: Geochemical evidence from Isla Santiago

Helge M. Gonnermann | Modeling the dynamics of magma flow from mantle to surface at Mauna Loa and Kilauea, Hawai’i

Andrés González | A hydro-ecological cross-section of Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Archipelago

Karen S. Harpp | Plume-Ridge Interaction in the Galápagos I: Lithospheric Control on Volcanic Lineament Generation in the Northern Galápagos Province

Kaj Hoernle | Temporal and Spatial Variations in Galapagos Plume-Ridge Interaction

Emilie E. Hooft | Seismic Constraints on the Formation of the Galápagos and Iceland Platforms

Mark Jellinek | The influence of diffusive convection on the longevity of hydrothermal plumes

Leif Karlstrom | Mechanical controls on the longevity and magnitude of large volcanic eruptions

Jeffrey Karson | Subaerial Seafloor Spreading in Iceland: Manifestations of Ridge-Hot Spot Interactions

Gabi Laske | The Hawaiian PLUME OBS deployment: Lessons learned and recommendations for a Galapagos deployment

Jonathan M. Lees | Search for Harmonic tremor in the Galapagos

John Maclennan | Petrological Constraints on Magma Transport and Storage under Iceland

Paula M. Manriquez | A flexure study beneath the Juan Fernandez Hotspot track

Omar E. Marcillo | Infrasound produced by degassing of shield-volcanos: Hawaii and Galapagos

James T. McClinton | Neuro-fuzzy classification of submarine lava flow morphology on the Galapagos Spreading Center, 92°W

- Results: Lava Morphology Map

Patrick J. McGovern | Structure and evolution of Galapagos volcanic edifices: Insights from lithospheric flexure models and comparisons with planetary analogs

Eric Mittelstaedt | Plume-ridge interaction at the Galapagos: Insights provided by new gravity and magnetic observations

Taylor Perron | Origin of morphologic variability among Pleistocene coral reefs

Michael P. Poland | Magma Supply to Basaltic Shields: An Example from Hawaii and an Opportunity for the Galapagos

Ricardo Ramalho | Episodic swell growth inferred from variable uplift of the Cape Verde hotspot islands

Ricardo Ramalho | Why have the old Cape Verde Islands remained above sea-level? Insights from field data and wave erosion modeling

Patricio Ramon | April 2009 Fernandina volcano eruption, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador: thermal mapping of the lava flows emitted

Mark A. Richards | Petrological Interpretation of Deep Crustal Instrusive Bodies Beneath Oceanic Hotspot Provinces

Kenneth H. Rubin | Using Geochronology of Shoreline and Coral Reef Deposits to Study Uplift and Subsidence at Tropical Volcanic Ocean Islands: Examples from Hawaii with Applications to the Galapagos

Mario C. Ruiz | Seismic Activity and Seismic Monitoring at Galapagos Islands

Andrés G. Ruiz Paspuel | Seismic and ground deformation patterns at Sierra Negra Volcano, Galapagos- Ecuador

William Schlitzer | Plume-Ridge Interaction in the Galápagos III: The Origins of Pinta, Marchena, and Genovesa Islands

Peter M. Shearer | Characterizing fault zones at Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes by large-scale mapping of earthquake stress drops and high precision relocations

Oliver C. Shorttle | Asymmetry of plume-ridge interaction around The Galápagos and Iceland controlled by spreading-ridge geometry

Adam Soule | Evaluating ridge-hotspot interaction models through crustal stress indicators in the Northern Galápagos Volcanic Province

Douglas R. Toomey | Crustal structure beneath the Galápagos Archipelago from ambient noise tomography and its implications for plume-lithosphere interactions

Christopher A. Vidito | Galápagos Plume Source Lithology: Inferences from Olivine Phenocryst Compositions

Emily L. Wilson | Plume-Ridge Interaction in the Galápagos II: Volcanic Evolution of the Northern Galápagos Islands

Russell Yost | Potential role of soil calcium and phosphorus on Galapagos tortoise growth and well-being

Shijie Zhong | Mantle Plumes, Oceanic Islands and Their Induced Surface Vertical Motions