Chapman Conference Talks

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The talks are listed alphabetically by presenter:

Suzanne P. Anderson | Rock into Regolith: Earth’s Critical Zone on Volcanic Ocean Islands

Suzanne Anderson | Surface Processes Review

Katharine V. Cashman | The Hazards and Benefits of Volcanic Eruptions on Oceanic Islands

William Dietrich | The Coevolution of Geomorphology and Biology of Ocean Islands

Noémi d’Ozouville | The Galapagos Islands as a Laboratory for Hydrological Processes

Kaj Hoernle | Petrology/Geochemistry of the Galapagos Hotspot and Hotspot-Ridge Interaction

Garrett Ito | Dynamics of Plume-Plate Interaction

Matthew G. Jackson | Ocean Islands and mantle plumes: Outstanding geochemical and petrological questions

Anne J. Jefferson | Top down or bottom up? Volcanic history, climate, and the hydrologic evolution of volcanic landscapes

Mark Jellinek | The Plume-Hotspot Connection, Plate Tectonics and the Remarkable Character of the CMB Region

Supplemental videos:


Melt goes up




Taylor Perron | Problems in the geomorphology of the Galápagos and other ocean islands

Michael P. Poland | Capitalizing on the Galápagos archipelago as a high-visibility natural laboratory for volcanology

Mario C. Ruiz | Hazard Monitoring in the Galapagos Islands - Ecuador

Paul Segall | Insights into magmatic processes from deformation and seismicity

Yang Shen | Geophysical constraints on oceanic islands, mantle dynamics and mantle heterogeneity

John M. Sinton | Magma Migration, Storage and Evolution in the Galápagos Region

Douglas R. Toomey | Upper mantle structure beneath the Galápagos Archipelago from joint inversion of body and surface waves