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              2011 UI Symphony Orchestra

           Concerto/Aria Competition








- The Competition is open to MUSA 115, 124, 134, 324, 334, 524 and 534 students,

          who have auditioned and been nominated by their studio professors. 


- Repertoire for instrumental applicants: a piece with orchestral accompaniment, or

          one or two movements from a Concerto, not exceeding 25 minutes in length. 

          For singers: one or two opera aria(s).


- All selections must be memorized, and performed in its entirety (compositions with

          multiple soloists are exceptions), and with piano accompaniment.


- There will be two rounds of competition, with the preliminary round held in mid-

          November in the various Areas of LHSOM (voice, keyboard, strings,

          woodwind, and brass-and-percussion), with a maximum of 3 (three)

          competitors sent to the Finals from each area.


- Area coordinators are requested to administer the preliminary round, and submit

          the list of finalists by Friday, November 18, 2011.


- The Competition Finals will take place on Monday, December 5, 2011,

          beginning at 6:00PM (University Auditorium).

- The winner(s) shall perform with the UI Symphony Orchestra on the March/2012



- Competition Application Fee: $35.00 (payable in the Music Office).    


- The Competition Finals will be open to the public.


- An applicant may win once as an Undergraduate, and once as a Graduate student.


- Applicants may not have won the Competition in the immediately preceding

          Academic Year.




For further details, please contact Prof. Cseszko at:


Office: 885-7244

E-mail:  or




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