ME 404-504 Finite Element Applications in Engineering



       Course description: To familiarize the student with the procedures for solving differential equations using finite element methods. (3 credits)

       Pre-requisites: Engr 320 and Engr 350; Co-Req: ME 341 or instructor permission.


       Example 1: Truss, analytical, FEA-ABAQUS

       Example 2: Unstructured and structured meshes

       Example 3: Plate with a hole in a tensile field elastic case

       Example 4: Plate with a hole in a tensile field elastic plastic case

       Example 5: Aluminum plate impacted by a steel projectile

       Example 6: Stress intensity factor Single edge cracked tension specimen

       Example 7: Conduction heat transfer

       Example 8: Fluid flow analysis

       Homework 1

       Homework 2, sample report

       Homework 3

       Homework 4

       Homework 5

       Project ; alternate (assigned theme) project

       Exam 1

       Exam 2

         Final exam