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Directions for Completing Application for Teacher Education



 Teacher Education Application Requirements:


For undergraduate, transfer, and post-baccalaureate students:


All applicants to the College of Education teacher certification programs must be formally admitted to and be currently enrolled at the University of Idaho (UI) or must apply to UI for the same semester they apply to a teacher education program.  Transfer students who meet all application requirements and who plan to pursue Elementary, Secondary, or Special Education should apply for acceptance into the teacher education program prior to taking upper division courses in Curriculum & Instruction Department (except EDCI 301).




The requirements listed below are minimum application criteria. Meeting them makes the applicant eligible for consideration, but does not guarantee admission to the program. Students who meet these criteria are further evaluated to determine the most qualified applicants. Information contained within all application materials is accurate at the time of its preparation; however, such information may change, and it is the responsibility of the student to check on current validity when applying.


A student is eligible to make formal application for admission to the Teacher Education Program when the following criteria have been met:


Criteria for admission to teacher education programs include:

1)      Initial interview with academic advisor;

2)      cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or better;

3)      have completed, with a minimum of a C in the following courses: Engl 102, University of Idaho Core Mathematics Course, Comm 101, and EDCI 201 (including 20 hours of service-learning or FCS 210 for ECDE students);

4)      letter of application;

5)      recommendations;

6)      completion of background check (fingerprint check through the State Department of Education); and

7)      (when enrollment projections exceed departmental resources) a competitive interview.


Initial Requirements – Complete the Cover Sheet, linked here, and place on top of your application.

                Background Check Policy

Declaration of Prior Certification Irregularities or Legal Convictions linked here.

Letter of Application – Download the instructions, linked here, follow the directions and draft a letter of application to program faculty (there will be no opportunity to redeem your work – so make sure you submit your best work).  You will be asked to address the College’s Conceptual Framework, linked here.


Return the completed Cover Sheet and Letter of Application to: Student Services Office, College of Education – 3080, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 83844-3080


Initial Interview with your academic advisor – Download the Interview Form, linked here.  Set up a meeting time with your academic advisor and leave the interview form with your academic advisor after that meeting.  Your academic advisor will make notes on the interview and return the form to THE UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS OFFICE OF THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, EDUCATION BUILDING - Room 212, in an envelope marked “Confidential.”


Recommendation Forms – Download two copies of the recommendation form, linked here.  Complete the first page of the recommendation form concerning the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, and ensure that this page accompanies the recommendation form at all times.  Then, give the recommendation forms to two professionals who know you well and can provide knowledgeable comments about your potential as a preservice teacher.  Inform the two professionals that when the recommendation forms are complete, they are to return it in a sealed envelope with their signature across the seal to:


Student Services Office

College of Education

PO Box 443080

University of Idaho

Moscow, ID 83844-3080


A competitive interview - When enrollment projections exceed departmental resources to support student numbers in any given program, a competitive interview with program faculty will determine who is accepted to the program and who will need to wait for another opportunity to apply to the program.  Faculty will use questions from the list of questions, linked here.  If a secondary interview is warranted, students will be contacted with the place, day, and time for the secondary interview.