Jack Sullivan 

Updated Fall, 2018

Biology 483 - Mammalogy


Some Greek & Latin Word Roots.


Lecture 1. Introduction to Mammals. Notes Slides.

Bergin et. al (2018). A recent analysis of mammalian diversity.

Lecture 2. Origin of Mammals. Notes Slides

Luo et al. (2002). A landmark paper on Cynodont phylogeny.

Rowe (1988). The argument for a crown-group definition of Mammalia.

Luo et al. (2015). A recent phylogeny of the late cynodonts.

Ruta et al. (2013). A recent paper that uses my preferred (based on stability) definition of Mammalia.

O'Leary et al. (2013). This paper argues that placental mammals did not radiate until after the dinosaur extinction at the end of the Cretaceous. (I think they're wrong, and the reasons are presented here and here.)

McNab (1978). The rationale for the Size Refugium Hypothesis on the evolution of endothermy.

Lecture 3. Early Mammals and Monotremes. Notes Slides

Hu et al. (2005).

Luo (2007).

Rich et. al (1997).

Luo et. al (2011).

Luo et al. (2015).

Lecture 4A. Mammalian Diversity: Metatherians. Notes Slides.

Duchene et al. (2018). A recent phylogeny of (most) metatherian families.

Lecture 4B. Mammalian Diversity: Eutherians. Notes Slides.

Esselstyn et al. (2017). A recent phylogenomic estimate of eutherian orders.

Lecture 5. Disparity in Diversity. Notes Slides.

Cooper & Steppan (2010). A quantitative test of the constraints on Metatherian front limbs.

Lillegraven et al. (1987). An older paper that lays out the rationale for the importance of the trophoblast in mammalian evolution.

Lavialle et.al (2013). Evidence that the formation of the syncytio-trophoblast is mediated by genes acquired from endogenous retrovirus.

Cornelis et a. (2015). Evidence of syncytin genes in Monodelphis.

Lecture 6. Dentition. Notes Slides.

Lecture 7. The Nature of Mammalian Species. Notes Slides.

Hoisington-Lopez et al. (2012). A paper that discusses species delimitation in cases of allopatry.

Sullivan et al. (2014). A review of rampant mtDNA introgression in chipmunks.

Zachos (2018). A discussion of difficulties in species delimitation in mammals and its effect on conservation biology.

Lecture 8. Evolution of Ear Ossicles. Notes Slides.

Meng et al. (2011). Documents migration of malleus and incus off the jaw in a triconodont.

Takechi & Kuratani (2010). A good review of the evolution of mammalian ear ossicles and homologies across vertebrates.

Luo (2011). An excellent presentation of the evidence that the definitive mammalian middle ear evolved several times independently from the mandibular middle ear of cynodonts.

Lecture 9. Locomotion I: Flight. Notes Slides.

Lecture 10. Locomotion II: Functional Morphology. Notes Slides.

Lab Handouts

Lab 1. Mammalian Anatomy.

Lab 2. Monotremes, Marsupials, Xenarthrans & Insectivora (Eulipotyphla).

Gibb et al. (2015). A recent phylogeny of Xenarthra.

Lab 3. Chiroptera, Scandentia, & Primates.

Lab 4. Rodents I: Hystricomorpha, Sciuromorpha.

Lab 5. Systematics.

Lab 6. Rodents II: Castorimorpha & Myomorpha.

Study Guide for Lab Midterm.

Specimen checklist for Lab Midterm.

Old Exams

Exam 1.

Study Guide for Eutherian Orders.