Jack Sullivan




North Fork of the Clearwater River. Sept., 1999

John Demboski, Jeff Good, me, Brandy (with Connor in utero).

 Connor meeting a Peromyscus maniculatus. He loves fieldwork.


View across the Salmon River from the 7-Devils.


Trapping water voles (Microtus richardsoni) in the Cascades


Sometimes it's too easy: a Tamias amoenus canicaudus.

A water vole run along a montane stream. Snowstorms in June....




Brandy, Jack, and Connor. Spring Break 2001


Connor meets Terra on her birthday: 04/25/02.


Connor, Terra and me on our front deck. Spring 2005


Terra catching a few z's. She's about 4 months old here.


Brandy and me at the Portland Marathon. Oct. '06.


Brandy smoking me up a hill in the Latah Trail Fun Run (Palouse Road Runners).




My first steelhead (September 1999). Brandy built the rod for my 35th birthday.


Steelhead fishing on the Clearwater, about 30 minutes from campus. August, 2001.


This is a fun way to fish for salmon! May, 2004/2006.


Brandy and Connor fishing the St. Marie's River. May, 2001.


Connor's first fishing trip, St. Joe River. June, 2000.


A nice rainbow from Rocky Ford. Spring Break 2003.