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Paul Joyce

University of Idaho


Likelihood methods for evaluation of models and estimation of mutation rates and selection coefficients of mutants arising in experimental evolution.

This program is associated with De Gelder et.al.  (2004), and Ponciano et.al. (2007), wherein a mathematical model is introduced that aims to explain the evolutionary process of the loss of the tetracycline resistance operon from a plasmid contained in E. coli. This model is coupled with a statistical framework based on the maximum likelihood to estimate its parameters and to test the associated hypotheses.


  • The programs are written in R.  R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.  Download R and install.
  •  Download, read and follow the instructions in  the Manual, before running these two programs.




You may download a text file with the data from De Gelder et.al. 2004 by clicking (here) .  This data is used as an example in the Manual     If you have implemented the program correctly you should get the same results as in the paper.

If you have any questions on running these programs contact
José Ponciano          jm.ponciano@gmail.com
Zaid Abdo               zabdo@uidaho.edu