Stochastic Spatial Simulator

Steve Krone and Yongtao Guan




System Requirements

    To run WinSSS at reasonable speeds with lattice size 250x250 and above, a Pentium III 866 with 256M RAM above is recommended. Higher configuration PCs are desirable. SSS has been tested on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Other operating systems in the Windows family (e.g., Windows 98 and Window NT) should also work, but we have not tested them. 

Download Instruction

    1. Click the HERE! to download WinSSS.exe to local machine.  
    2. Double Click WinSSS.exe, following the intruction to install WinSSS on your machine.
    3. If properly installed, there will be a link called WinSSS.exe on your desktop.
    4. Doulbe click WinSSS.exe to run.

(Source code available upon request, contact via email: or )


    WinSSS is a free software, copyleft. Author Steve M.Krone and Yongtao Guan release WinSSS under free software license  GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). The documentation on this website are free documentation and released under GNU Free Documentation License (GNU FDL). Any user can redistribute it and improve it along with the software it describes.