Other labs

Bree The Rosenblum Lab | University of Idaho

Erica Bree Rosenblum's lab is adjacent to my own. We have joint lab meetings as RoHa.
alfaro The Alfaro Lab | U.C.L.A.

Mike Alfaro studies ecomorphology and evolution in various species of fish. He and I are working on several projects together studying diversification across the tree of life.x
Glor lab The Glor Lab | University of Rochester

Rich Glor studies speciation and diversification, mainly in anoles.  He and I were in graduate school together.
Losos lab The Losos Lab | Harvard University

Jonathan Losos studies adaptive radiation in anoles.  He was my advisor for my PhD thesis, and a brilliant mentor.
Blake Blake Matthews | eawag, Switzerland
Blake studies the ecology of food web diversity. He is trying to convince me that plankton are cool.
Jane Melville The Melville Lab | Museum Victoria

Jane Melville studies ecology and evolution of reptiles and amphibians.  Jane and I have an ongoing collaboration studying cross-continental community convergence.
Mooers The Mooers Lab | Simon Fraser University

Arne Mooers studies phylognetic approaches to biodiversity research. He has been instrumental in our NCEAS group studying adaptive radiation. 
Liam Revell The Revell Lab | UMass Boston

Liam Revell studies the evolution of the G matrix, among other things.  He and I are developing multivariate phylogenetic comparative methods.
D Schluter The Schluter Lab |  University of British Columbia

Dolph Schluter is a leading scientist who studies evolutionary ecology.  He was my postdoctoral advisor at UBC.