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Volume 5, no. 1 (Fall 2002)

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Feature Articles:

Karl Bridges

Thoughts on the Future of Library Computing: Implications of the Use of Handheld Computers for Library Service

Abstract The use of handheld computing devices (PDAs) has been increasing. The rapid advances in software and hardware in this area have made these devices increasingly applicable for use in academic library settings. While laptop computers remain the dominant computing paradigm it seems clear that PDA type devices have a role in a variety of library activities. There are serious implications for library service posed by the growth in use of these devices. Librarians need to become more aware of this situation and begin to develop policies and procedures that accommodate this growing phenomenon.

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Jeff Luzius

Brian Webb

Nontraditional Students' Library Satisfaction

Abstract: The number of nontraditional students has continued to increase dramatically over the past decade in colleges and universities. College libraries have always educated and served the traditional student, but nontraditional students need to receive the same support as their traditional counterparts.  Students were surveyed to examine nontraditional studentsí library satisfaction levels compared to traditional college students.

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Joseph Jestin K.J.

B. Parameswari

Marketing of Information Products and Services for Libraries in India

Abstract: The paper introduces the concept of marketing and its significance in the management of services in libraries and information centers, describing the difference between a product and a service from marketing point of view and stressing the need for adopting marketing strategies in libraries. Various marketing strategies and professional skills for marketing information are included.

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Library and Information Science Student Papers:

LPP issued a call for papers from students of library and information science. Beginning with the Fall 2001 issue, we will feature one or more of these papers, which represent work from students in the US and internationally

Lisa Bryant

Case Study of the Round Mountain Public Library

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M. Christina Vasanthi

User Expectations in Private Public Libraries in India

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