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Volume 5, no. 2 (Spring 2003)

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Feature Articles

Felix T. Chu

Social Aspects of Information

Abstract:Institutions have been moving away from the positivism evident in many disciplines in the earlier years of the 20th century. Institutional assessments have become local within a framework of best practices. The concept of the social nature of information has engendered published research in many fields. A piece of information acquires meaning only when it is socially understood. This paper looks at access points to library collections and explores the social context in which they are created.

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Daniel CannCasciato,Mary Wise

Hierarchical Gaps and Subject Authority Control Processing : an Assessment

This article assesses the frequency with which hierarchical gaps occur during subject authority control processing. The gaps referred to are those that will occur if supplemental authority records are not downloaded for the broader terms of the new subject headings. The results could have an impact on workflow, staff level assignment, and automated procedures for subject authority control. If the frequency of possible gaps in the hierarchical structure is significant, then they must be accounted for.

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John Neelankavil

Indian Innovative Ways Are More Than Digitization:Bhodhivanam, the Library's Forest Environment

Abstract: While Western thought has had a strong influence on library science, there is also a strong Eastern tradition, exemplified by S.R. Ranganathan. This article introduces a number of concepts from Indian thought and culture, and ties them to an approach to library science that includes the idea ofBhodhivanam, a "forest environment" for the library and the reader.

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Library and Information Science Student Papers:

LPP issued a call for papers from students of library and information science. Beginning with the Fall 2001 issue, we will feature one or more of these papers, which represent work from students in the US and internationally.

Franklin David Jebaraj

M. Deivasigaman

The Electronic Library: an Indian Scenario

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S.Siraj Nisha Begum

Total Quality Management in the Academic Library

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