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Volume 6, no. 1 (Fall 2003)

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Ying Liu

Geo-referenced Digital Libraries: Experienced Problems of Purpose and Infrastructure

Abstract: This paper analyzes digital library projects  from a computing perspective, showing that a strategic collaboration alone is insufficient justification to advance a geo-referenced digital library project, in particular when an institution's  resources are incompatible with those of its collaborators. There must be a reasonable likelihood of continued research and development. Reasonable commitment and basic and feasible computing infrastructures are necessary to begin. Although it is rare to report the negative aspects of a project, the author believes that we often learn more from our failures. Lessons reported here provide opportunities for learning.

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Jim Kapoun

The Use of PowerPoint in the Library Classroom: an Experiment in Learning Outcomes

Abstract: An experiment was conducted to test a hypothesis that students learn more using PowerPoint in the library instructional classroom than they do with overhead or lecture only. Experimental groups received a library instruction session either lecture only, lecture with overheads/chalkboard aids, or lecture with PowerPoint including animation and sound. To measure learning, participants were tested on the content of the material presented.

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Jean-Mark Sens

Moving Digits in Serials Life

Abstract:This article examines inflationary trends in serial pricing and how the accompanying phenomenon of the Internet and the migration of serials from print to digital format reshuffle the organization of editing, publishing, disseminating and preserving serials. The structure of scholarly communication has not fundamentally changed but financial pressures have led to innovative solutions to the traditional problems of peer-review, scholarly authority, and the acquisition and archiving of information. The ubiquity of e-serials changes the way libraries assess their collections and make them available.

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Robert N. Diotalevi

An Education in Copyright Law: a Primer for Cyberspace

Abstract:Copyright law is once again at the forefront of education for cyberspace. The Internet offers a variety of useful information, much of it copyrighted material. There has been recent copyright legislation enacted, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and TEACH Act, that concern web-based education. This work provides an overview of copyright law and addresses the new law as well as related issues.

Previously published inLIBRES, vol. 13, issue 1 (March 2003)

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