On June 25, 2000, the South Korean government held a ceremony to memorize the 50th anniversary of the Korean War.  The ceremony, originally planned with grand military parade and many other public activities,  was reduced in size and momentum, due to the Korean summit of the North and South Korean leaders in mid-June prior to the ceremony.

The front stage of the ceremony when South Korean President Kim Dae Jung was delivering a speech.

The guards of honor entering the ceremony.

Spuith Korean soldiers of Army, Air Force, and Navy entering the ceremony.

More men in uniform in  procession.

Performers in traditional Korean dress entering the ceremony.

I am in line among these South Korean War veterans to get my entry ticket to get in the ceremony.  They only have to flash their veteran ID to get the ticket.  I have to show my connection.  My hostess's brother-in-law works for the South Korean Defense Ministry and helped get the ticket to the ceremony.

I am in front of the preparation activities before the start of the ceremony.  Only invited guests and Korean veterans were allowed to attend the ceremony.

South Korean women veterans at the ceremony.  It was quite hot that day and the speech of President Kim was too long.  Most of the people were sitting under the hot sun for hours.

Some of the South Korean war veterans at the ceremony.

I am sitting among the South Korean War veterans.  Behind us are the U.S. soldiers sitting area.

The U.S. soldiers at the ceremony.

I am at the banquet hosted by USO in Seoul.  It costs me $100 for a seat.  Dinner menu includes salmon, vegies, and cheese cake.  Mr. & Mr. Leong, three U.S. soldiers (to my left) stationed near Seoul area are at our table.

I am with Andrew Lanza, a U.S. Korean War veteran, at the banquest.  He was in the U.S. 1st Marine Corps and fought in the Chosin Reservoir in the freezing winter of 1950 in North Korea.