When in Seoul, I also visited Inchon.  It was hard to feel the excitement on the day of Sept. 15, 1950 when the UNC successfully landed in Inchon.  I tried.

Memorial for the Green Beach Point at Inchon.

I am in front of the Green Beach Point memorial.

A U.S. army soldier visiting the Green Beach Point.

I am by the beach side of the Green Beach Point.

Along the Green Beach.  All we can see now are restaurants and coffe shops.  We were there about 9am, most of the stroe and restaurants are not open yet.

At MacArthur's Park near Inchon.  Behind me is MacArthur statue.

Eastern Gate, one of the major ancient gates in downtown Seoul.

When in Seoul, I visited the Changddokkung Palace, a main palace of Choson Dynasty (also known as Yi Dynasty, 1392-1910).  Main terrace inside the palace.  The stone tablets on both sides indicate the ranking of officials.  When they gathered for moring briefings, they lined up accoring to their ranks by the stone tablets.  The meperor would sit on the stage to be brieved.

Side entrance of the palace.

Inside one of the place rooms.

Palace of Great Achievement.  The Koreans did not officially have their own language since after the 15th century.  Prior to that time. they used the Chinese characters.

Individual rooms for concubines of the Choson emperors inside the imperial palace.

South Korea's Golden Gate bridge from Seoul to the outskirts.

Main building of Hundai Corporation in Seoul.

Steve Kim, Melanie, and Bill, my South Korean hosts in Seoul.  I stayed with the family for 6 days.  They are one of many volunteer families in a home-stay program in South Korea.  Visitors from all over the world can contact the director and stay with the family for free during their visit.   The Kim family speak English and very nice and considerate people.  They also have a daughter named Cindy.

I am with Bill.