HST 404-06/504-06 The Cold War and After


Summer 2004                                                                                     Room: Niccol 006

June 14-July 8                                                                                    Time: MTWTh, 1:30-4:20pm


Instructor: Dr. Pingchao Zhu                           

Office: Rm315 AD, History Department                           

Office Hours: MT before class, or by appointment

Office Phone: 885-7166, or 885-6253

E-mail: pzhu@uidaho.edu




            This course studies major features of the Cold War and problems during the post Cold War period known as the New World Order.   The summer session of the course is designed to focus on the important events, ideologies, incidents, or doctrines that were crucial to forming both the U.S. & Soviet Cold War policies and analyze how the world became polarized, got involved in various warfare, greatly divided by ideologies and beliefs.  The course will also discuss important developments leading to the end of the Cold War and major problems that continue to trouble the world following the end of the Cold War.  Students are encouraged to apply critical thinking, raise questions, debate on issues, and challenge scholars’ interpretations.    




Ralph B. Levering, The Cold War: A Post-Cold War History, Illinois: Harlan Davison, Inc., 1994.




1. Two Examinations                                        200 points each

2. Attendance                                                   100


Examinations includes essay question and identifications.  In general, Identifications mainly come from the class discussions, and essay question will incorporate the reading and movie presentations.  A study guide will be provided.


Attendance is mandatory.  Please keep in mind that summer session is highly condensed and    concentrated.  Examination questions come mainly from the class discussion.  One day of class is the equivalence of one week class in a regular semester.  Therefore, students who miss four class periods without legitimate reasons will automatically receive “F” in this course.



According to the University of Idaho 1998 General Catalog, "For purpose of reporting and record, academic work is graded as follows: A-superior; B-above average; C-average; D-below average; F-failure."  A student’s performance in this course will be evaluated based on the university grade system and graded according to the following points break down:


A=500-450      B=449-400      C=399-350      D=349-300       F=299 and below





Week 1                        June 14-17

                                    Early Developments


Mon., June 14            Divisions

                                    Grand Alliance, Atomic Bombs

                                    Reading: chpt. Prologue


Tue., June 15             Containment

                                    Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Berlin Crisis
Reading: chpt. 1, pp. 15-42


Wed., June 16            The Korean War

                                    Communist China, NSC 68,
Reading: chpts.1, pp. 42-53


Thur., June 17            Arms Races

                                    Sputnik, MAD
Reading: chpt. 2, pp. 55-86



Week 2                        June 21-24



Mon., June 21            Cuba

                                    Castro, Bay of Pigs, Missiles
                                    Reading: chpt. 2, pp. 86-98


Tue., June 22             The Vietnam War

                                    War & Anti-War
                                    Reading: chpt. 3, pp. 99-115


Wed., June 23            Detent

                                   China & USSR
Reading: chpt. 3, pp. 115-134


Thur., June 24           Third World Issues

                                   Latin America, Iran, & Africa
                                   Reading: chpt. 4, pp. 135-152



Week 3                        June 28-July 1

                                    Ending the Cold War


Mon., June 28            Mid-term exam


Tue., June 29             Confidence & Crisis

                                    Hostage, American power
                                    Reading: chpt. 4, pp. 153-162                                   


Wed., June 30            Star War

                                    Reading: chpt. 4, pp. 162-180


Thur., July 1               The End of the Cold War                              

                                    The Wall comes down
                                    Reading: Epilogue



Week 4                        July 6-8 (No Class on July 5, Monday, Independence Day Observed)

                                    The New World Order


Tue., July 6                 Challenges

                                     What's New?
                                    Reading: handout


Wed., July 7               International Terrorism

                                    Patterns, strategies, and threat
                                    Reading: handout


Thur., July 8               Final Exam    



**The instructor reserves the right to change the course schedule if necessary.