"Sailing the Five C’s."

Compartmentalization (acknowledging and distinguishing the epistemological and methodological differentiation of the humanities and social science tools),

Context (distinguishing the diverse and differential cultural, historical, intellectual and social environments, as well as the differential levels within an given environment; in other words appreciating and distinguishing the rich diversity in the human condition),

Competency (in knowing the distinct epistemological and methodological tools, and when and in what specific contexts to apply those tools; in other words, walk the walk),

Connection (applying the multiple tools to differentiated contexts to make connections, see the "bigger picture," address issues, and problem solve).

Civic Engagement (applying these tools and skill to the benefit of others, those in need; in other words, share the Huckleberries)


We seek to develop and utilize a most adaptive approach to integrating multiple disciplines and diverse perspectives, and in so doing, attempt to address life’s challenges. Critical and creative thinking as well as problem solving all depend on your ability to both think divergently – compartmentalizing and seeing the rich diversity and multiplicity in the human experience – as well as to think convergently – integrating and connecting that rich diversity in new and novel ways.


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