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ANTH 220 Peoples of the World

Schedule of Topics, Assignments, and Session Dates

tentative, subject to change and re-scheduling

Inuit Woman
  1. Review of the Course and Assignments, and the Ethnographic Perspective and Method (5 sessions)


  3. A Question of Origin and Place - Scientific Knowing and the Story of Evolution (3 sessions)

  4. First Exam


  6. A Question of Origin and Place - Indigenous Knowing and Aesthetic, and the Stories of Creation (4 sessions)

  7. Traveling the Many Paths and Reconciling the "Mutually Exclusive" - the Wagon Wheel (1 session)   Lecture Outline


  8. The Life Cycle, Rites of Passage and Pilgrimage (3 sessions)


  9. The Ecological Fabric (4 sessions)


  11. Second Exam

  12. Proposal Participatory-Interpretative Papers Due

  13. The Social Fabric (4 sessions)

  14. Review Paper


                    from Dead Birds

  16.   The Dynamic Fabric (4 sessions)


  18. Participatory-Interpretative Projects Due


  20. Final Exam

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