Crow Sundance

all contemporary images were secured with permission of their owners and/or sponsors of the Sundance photographed


Making the "vow" to the Creator.  Photo of Henry and William Bigday and others at 1941 Sundance (photo from Clara Bigday)

Preparing for the Dance in the Sweat Lodge - the "Little Lodge" and "Younger Brother" of the "Big Lodge" and "Elder Brother," the Crow Sundance Lodge.  Allowed by Permission of Lodge Owner.  Photo by Frey 1979

Raising the Center Pole (1974)

Building the Lodge

Completing brush around the Big Lodge (Old Coyote 1974) 

Blessing the Buffalo, with Tom Yellowtail and Gordon Plain Bull, the sponsor (1974)

The Pryor, Montana Sundance encampment, 1974

Going in, Dan Old Elk and others (1974)

Going in, Susie Yellowtail and others (1974)

Prayer with Tobacco before the Center Pole to the Creator

Dance: Blowing the Whistle

Charging the Center Pole

With the Eagle-bone Whistle and Plumes

Offering Song, with Dale Old Horn and others, at the Morning Prayer (Old Coyote 1974)

Morning Prayers and Songs (1974)

Gifts of Sage, Mint, Cattails and "Starting Gates" (Old Coyote 1974)


Tom Yellowtail blessing a dancer (1974)

John Trehero (Joseph Epes Brown photo)

(a Laubin photo)

The Image of the Wagon Wheel

Big Horn Medicine Wheel

A year later


Frey 1970s



Tom and Susie Yellowtail (Frey 1976) (for more on Tom and Susie)


Alvin Howe and Rob Moran's Sundance, Wolf Mountains, after the Dance (Frey 1993)


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