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North American Indians 

ANTH 329

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This is a course in participation.  You need to listen deeply and be most attentive - stmi'sm.   Go to course Edits.

You will be expected to complete four types of learning activities: the "telling" of an "authentic" story, an interpretation of an event in which you "participated,"  three in-the-round oral exam recitations, and class participation with questions and discussion.  To help convey and begin to implement an Indian learning pedagogy, these four learning activities will be organized along "family" groupings.  The members of the class will be assigned a family group and attempt to assume the roles and responsibilities of a Plains Indian family.   See membership of family groupings.  While the learning activities will be organized around the family groupings, each individual student will be assessed and graded based upon his or her contribution to and resulting competency in the four learning activities.