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North American Indians

ANTH 329 - Spring 2017

Schedule of Topics and Assignments

Tentative, Subject to Change
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Readings prior to assigned Dates, unless noted as "review"

  1. Methodology: An Approach and Perspective   

    Dates: January 12 and 17 (2 sessions)


  2. Winds of Change and Contact History: a Euro-American epistemology and ontology (The Riverbed of Euro-American Contact History)

    Dates: January 19 - February 2 (5 sessions)


  3. Animal First Peoples and the Oral Traditions: an Indian epistemology, ontology and ethics (The Riverbed of the Indigenous First Peoples); Focus on Schitsu'umsh/Coeur d'Alene of the Plateau and Apsáalooke/Crow of the Plains

  4. Dates: February 7 - 23 (6 sessions) 


  5. Dates: Feb 21 - Story Title Due

    And Before the First Thunder - Storytelling (schedule a time when your family can meet with the instructor)


  6. First In-the-Round Recitations - First and Second Study Guides

    Dates: schedule your family between Feb 28 and March 5


  7. Family and Medicine (Acquisition and Application); Kinship and Family; Individual Ceremonialism (Fasting, Sweat, Sundance, Pipe); Lodges (Tipi); Social Status and the  Coups System; Kinship, Family and the Give Away: Focus on The Apsáalooke/Crow of the Plains

  8. Dates: February 28 - March 21 (6 sessions) 


  9. Spring Recess: March 13-17


  10. Each Family - Research Project Session: Thursday March 23


  11. Dates: April 1 and 2 - Tutxinmepu  Powwow


  13. The Soul, Human-Animal Relations, Hunting and Fishing, Lodges (Igloo), Tribal Sovereignty: Focus on The Netsilik and the Inuit of the Arctic

    Dates: March 28 - April 11 (5 sessions)


  15. Dates: April 4 Participatory Research Project Topic Due


  17. The Arts, Lodges (Plank Longhouses), Stratified Social Organization and Ceremonialism (Potlatch, Secret Societies, Warfare): Focus on The Kwakiutl, Tlingit, and Tsimshian of the Northwest Coast 

  18. Dates: April 13 - 20 (3 sessions)


  19. Temporal Cosmology (The Fifth World), Healing Ceremonialism (Chantways): Focus on The Díne/Navajo and Apache of the Southwest

  20. Dates: April 25 - 27 (2 sessions)


  21. Spatial Cosmology (Duality), Lodges (Pueblos), Collective Ceremonialism (Kivas, Katcinas. Snake/Antelope Ceremony), Pottery, Horticulture: Focus on The Hopi and the Pueblo of the Southwest

    Dates: May 2 and 4 (2 sessions)


  22.  Participatory Paper  

  23. Date: due by May 5 at 4:00 pm Phinney 116 (hard copy only)


  24. Final In-the-Round Recitations - Third and Fourth Study Guides

Date: Schedule your family between Friday May 5 and Friday May 12


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