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AIST 401 Contemporary American Indian Issues

Course Learning Outcomes


Course Learning Objectives:  Several learning outcomes are sought in this course, each of which is linked to the appropriate Learning Outcomes of the American Indian Studies Program, the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Justice Studies, and the University of Idaho.  Not all AIST, Departmental and University Learning Outcomes will be addressed in this course. Each of the following learning outcomes applies equally to Indian and non-Indian students enrolled in the course.

1. As a capstone seminar, the course would facilitate for each student his or her own weaving into a coherent tapestry the varied threads of information presented in each of the previously taken courses as part of the minor.  An "American Indian perspective" can then emerge, with its distinct methodology and body of knowledge.

2. The course will focus discussion on many of the contemporary, as well as historic yet continuing dilemmas, challenges, and issues facing American Indian communities, and especially reservation communities.  This course will also serve as a forum for introducing topics not fully developed in previously taken courses.  The student will not only gain a better comprehension of the specific challenges, but also begin to explore ways to address and resolve them.

3. As with previously taken course work in the minor, the student will consider and come to better appreciate the vitality, depth and rich diversity of contemporary Indian cultures and histories.

4. The seminar would provide an opportunity for face-to-face, honest Indian/non-Indian exchange of ideas, perceptions and misperceptions about Indian and Euro-American culture.

5. As a seminar, the student will fine-tune his or her skills in text interpretation, constructive criticism, and oral presentation and argument.

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