Water Potato Day

October 28, 2005

Chatcolet Lake


A Clouded-View of St. Joe Baldy

Gathering Around the Fires, as we get started

Yvonne Berliner Listening to Flex Aripa, Tribal Elder

Getting into the Mud

Kurt Perkins lending a helping hand to a Tribal School Student

Kurt Perkins and Tribal School Student with the Gift

Derek Johnson with a Gift

Yvonne Berliner with a Gift

The Potatoes

Raymond Brinkman Teaching the Language

Merle SiJohn, Teaching a Stick Game Song

Learning About the Plants

Mark Stanger, our Host, preparing the Lunch

The Gang: Kurt Perkins, Matthieu Charle, Derek Johnson, Troy Hinck, Jenni Robinson, Jeff Cramer, Sarah Heffner, Monique Crumb, Gilbert Burkman, Yvonne Berliner, Rodney Frey, Angela Sowers, and John Hartman

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