Tepoztlan, in the state of Moreles, Mexico, beneath the Tepoztlan Range and looking up at the "Mountain of Light."  With a total population in 1921 of 3,836, while today the village numbers of some 2,000.  photos: Redfield 1926 and Hajor 2005


Chapel of San Sebastian, from Cornejo 2006, and Redfield 1921.  Market and woman with loom, Redfield, 1921 



Robert Redfield (1897-1958) did his research in Tepoztlan during the 1920s and published his classic account of a peasant community in 1930, Tepoztlan, a Mexican village: A study in folk life, Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


Oscar Lewis (1914-70), who also introduced the concept of the "culture of poverty," did his research in Tepoztlan during the 1940s and published his classic account, Life in a Mexican Village: Tepoztlan Restudied, in 1951, Urbana: University of Illinois Press.


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