Requirements:  To get one credit, students must register through the web for SOC 203 (CRN:    )  by November 1st.  In addition students must:

A.     Attend the lecture by Devon Mihusuah, Department of Applied Indigenous Studies, Northern Arizona University. Nov. 3, UI's Borah Theater, SUB, 7 p.m. , Keynote speaker: Devon Mihesuah, professor of Applied Indigenous Studies and History, Northern Arizona University.  Mihesuah is member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and is a historian. She received her Ph.D. in American History from TCU in 1989, and was professor of American Indian History in NAU's history department for 10 years. She is now professor of Applied Indigenous Studies, and edits the award winning journal American Indian Quarterly (won the Wordcrafters Circle of Native Writers' Award for 2001 Journal Editor of the Year) and edits University of Nebraska Press's book series, "Contemporary Indigenous Issues." Her work focuses on the themes of decolonization and empowerment strategies. Her latest book, co-authored by Angela Cavender Wilson, Indigenizing the Academy: Native Academics Sharpening the Edge, compiles essays from prominent Native writers in numerous academic fields and deals with how to achieve and retain indigenous knowledge, empowerment, and decolonization. Mihesuah has been active in the repatriation issue for over 15 years. 

B.     Attend the student workshop session, November 6th, 4:00-6:00 p.m.

C.    Read the following chapter before attending the workshop: “The Tellers, the Tales, and the Audience: Narratives by Students of Color” by Debbie Storrs and Julia Lesage in Making a Difference: University Students of Color Speak Out.

D.    Attend two other workshop sessions (for workshop descriptions see: http// )

E.     Submit a folder with the following essays (submit to John Mihelich ­­­on _____):          

a.     A one-page typed single space summary of each workshop session attended.

b.     A two-page typed single space assessment of how the workshops and lectures enhanced your understanding of diversity in the curriculum.