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welcome to the website dedicated to the world's most beautiful woman!

(Revised November 4, 2002)

This is Irmgard here. Welcome to my venue to the

Goddess of Goddesses!

Happy Birthday


From all of your fans, especially Ol' Irmgard, here's hoping that today was a Happy and Peaceful 52nd birthday for you.

When you first started your career as an actress/comedienne, you hit Hollywood in the 70's looking like the pic below with your dynamite good looks:

Here is a Neat picture of Markie wearing what I affectionatly call "THAT DRESS". It clearly displays why she contiunes to be the most

Beautiful Women in the World!

Yo,MP fans! Ol' Irmgard is still dedicated to finding more new and exciting Markie pics 'n JPEGS, for all our enjoyment . Same caution still applies,however. There will be NO nudes or fakes on this site! Markie has chosen over her distinguished career NOT to appear in the nude, as far as we know. So we will continue to honor that here at her shrine!

New Addition (8/30/02)

After Ol' Irmgard found those cool pics of Markie modelling

foxy aerobics clothes

he had the audacity to send two of them to the Goddess for autographs. The reply from her was truly Remarkable!!

Check it out at:

Markie n' Me 3 (9/1/02)

New Addition 2

As our Goddess Markie has gotten older, Ol' Father Time has been incredibly kind to her. To prove that point, Ol' Irmgard has put together an new page of pics of her entitled:

Markie Through the Years (9/1/02)

Markie's Movies

(Click on the link below to go to the first in the series dedicated to the Goddess' movie roles.)

"Tricks of the Trade" (revised 9/1/02)

We Markie fans haven't seen much of our Goddess of late on TV. Markie seems to be concentrating on raising her lovely family these days. To get better acquainted with her family, click on this link:

Markie's Family

Recently, Ol' Irmgard came across a new set of vid clips of Markie in that

tiny bikini

from one of the Fall Guy episodes of the 80's. Check it out at:

The Fall Guy.htm

When Ol' Irmgard sent Markie a Birthday Greeting in October,2000, she replied by sending me a fabulous set of autographed pics!


You can read about it and see the Pics at the page:

Markie 'n me (2)

Although the pilot for the new Warner Brothers Series Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, starring Markie as the new Electra Woman, was sadly turned down by Warner Brothers for the Fall 2001 season. (sob..sob...), here is a pic of the Goddess, herself, in her new Spandex costume:

Here's another recent pic of the world's most Gorgeous

half-centerian in a foxy white suit, taken at the party for the movie,

There's Something About Mary:

Markie's Eternal Beauty is a page

dedicated to beautiful shots of The Goddess over the years. Check it out!

And don't forget to check out Markieobilia 1

And Markiobilia 2

And here's another foxy pic of Markie from the Hearts Afire days:

News for you Markie fans is that the Goddess recently appeared as a guest (along with John Ritter) on the new TV series "Scrubs". Hopefully this will be a recurring role. If you missed it, maybe you can catch it in re-runs this summer.

Lest we forget, her great role in "Hearts Afire", here is another cute picture of the Goddess wrapped up in the arms of a very lucky John Ritter:

Irmgard now has the complete Hearts Afire Heet Sheets!!!

Click on here to access them.


Here's another pic of Markie as she appeared a couple of years ago looking as lovely as ever:

Continue to bookmark me, Dudes and Dudettes! I promise not to disappoint you in bringing you all the latest (and historical) Markieobilia.

In the meantime, here are a few more JPEGS along for your enjoyment below. For the most part, these photos are all new to the web. ENJOY!

Markie From the Net 1

Markie From the Net 2

Scans from Hollywood Unlimited! 3

Markie scans 4

Miscellaneous 5

To thumbnails 6

To more links 7

To autographs 8

To night court images 9

To night court images 2 (10) (Two new ones added: 9/1/02)

To Markie Cheesecake photos 11

To Markie 'n Me section 12

TV Guide covers 13

Hearts Afire Scans 14

Early Markie Pics 15

Early Markie Pics 2 (Buck Rogers) 16



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