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secondary methods

Secondary Art Methods student working on a project

Sally Machlis
Office: ED 414 Phone: 885-6976
email: sallymac@uidaho.edu

Course Description
Secondary School Art Methods is a lecture and studio course. The lectures introduce theory, art concepts, and teaching methods for art in secondary schools. The studio time includes training in art, practical experience in teaching and communication related to art education.

Course Objectives
After completing the course, students will have:

  1. an understanding of their personal artistic style and skills,
  2. knowledge of art education theory, including developmental stages of artistic growth in children, scope and sequence of secondary art curricula, evaluation of students' art, Discipline-Based Art Education,interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches to art education, and teaching strategies,
  3. a portfolio of secondary level art lessons,
  4. the ability to plan and teach a successful art lesson,
  5. the ability to communicate in writing about art education theory,
  6. the ability to communicate verbally about art and art education,
  7. knowledge of the various supplies and media used in secondary art programs
  8. knowledge of state and national standards in the arts
  9. knowledge of the state of Idaho teacher's professional code of ethics
  10. knowledge of the use of technology as it relates to teaching and learning in art.

Required Text
The Annotated Mona Lisa: A Crash Course in Art History From Prehistoric to Post-Modern. Carol Strickland and John Boswell. 1992, Andrews and McMeel, Kansas City.

Course Evaluation
Student grades will be based on the following criteria
Research paper and art lessons - 15 points
Presentation of an art lesson - 10 points
Teaching portfolio - 10 points
Critical writing assignment Field experiences - 10 points
Class discussion and participation - 5 points
Midterm exam - 10 points
Final exam - 15 points

total - 100 points

Midterm and final exams must be taken at the assigned times. Written materials should be typed and students should use proper spelling and grammar.

Attendance is essential for progress in studio classes. Attendance will be taken at each class session and more than two unexcused absences will adversely affect student's grades.

Students are encouraged to meet with Professor Machlis whenever they have questions about course material, assignments or evaluation. Office hours will be posted the first week of class.



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