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Road Stories

A road trip is a journey. We travel, riding in an automobile with family, friends or alone, and our experience is as much a function of the plan as it is of the unknown.

As the terrain changes to that which is less familiar we notice things. We consider our own condition. We reconnect to ideas we care about. We reconnect to each other. Or we don¹t. If we listen to music it becomes a soundtrack. If we listen to a story we lose ourselves. If we are driving alone an internal dialog is set in motion. These are things that other people probably experience. Or maybe things that are completely unique. And when we arrive at our destination we might be asked, "How was your trip?" Some of the stories we remember, tell and retell. The journey on the road becomes a metaphor for our life¹s journey.

Road Stories is a mixed media installation/presentation that invites the viewer to participate in a journey that takes place from behind the wheel and within the gallery. The mixed media project includes ink painting, stenciled vector graphics and projected text and estate images. Stories are collected verbally and depicted through text and image in this project.

Sally Graves Machlis



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