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Baby with the Bathwater     Mixed media    

Truths & Fables

I have long been interested in maps, charts and other symbols of human organization and have integrated them into my mixed media collages. These collages often address issues of place, progress, and personal travels---both real and imaginary.

Subsequent travels and the addition of more maps, graphs and images in my work led to an in-depth look at the way we as humans attempt to organize information in our lives. We develop symbols, signs, and charts to find our way and to communicate diverse truths. As my collection of artifacts for inclusion in collages grew, I re-visited a box of old family photographs and began to incorporate them in my collages on handmade paper. Using these photographs, notes and letters, I combined memory and imagination; family fables, whispered rumors, traditions and fictions were mixed.

I have recently added text to my work, including words of wisdom from my grandmother and other family members. These pieces contain not only photos and mementos but also the language of family folklore. The advice, folklore and superstition passed on through families and cultures are the catalyst for this exhibition. Why do I knock on wood for good luck and why do I still wait a half hour after eating before going swimming? These are the truths and fictions that have inspired Truths and Fables.

Sally Graves Machlis



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