Teaching Philosophy & Courses

Dr. Camp enjoys teaching a wide variety of courses in cultural anthropology, American studies, and archaeology.

In brief, her teaching philosophy is that students learn best by applying the theories and methodologies they learn inside the classroom to real-world experiences. For example, in her "Archaeological Theory and Method" course, students learn how to systematically map, collect, catalog, and interpret the archaeology of trash on the University of Idaho's campus. This project has been the subject of several news articles at the University of Idaho, one of which can be found by clicking here.

Dr. Camp encourages students to pursue their own research interests as well as work on her own research projects. Students under her supervision have presented at national conferences such as the Society for American Archaeology and Society for Historical Archaeology's annual conferences as well as published articles in the American Anthropological Association's monthly publication, Anthropology News. If you are a student interested in working with her, please drop her an email. She is always happy to work with students who are willing to commit the time and energy needed to conduct archaeological research!

Below are syllabi of past courses she has taught at the University of Idaho.



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