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Below are a few of Dr. Camp's publications that can be viewed by clicking on the year of the publication.

2008 Stacey L. Camp. "One Size does not fit all: Problematizing Size and Scale in the Identification of Child-related Artifacts in Archaeology," Anthropology News 29(4):10-11. Invited article.

Newsletter Articles
2009 Stacey L. Camp. "Interaction between Marginalized Ethnic Groups in Early 20th Century California," Asian American Comparative Collection Newsletter 26(3):5-6.

Book Chapters
2007 Stacey L. Camp and Bryn Williams. "Contesting Hollywood's Chinatowns." In Box Office Archaeology: Refining Hollywood's Portrayals of the Past, Julie M. Schablitsky (ed), pp. 200-22. Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press.
2006 Stacey L. Camp. "Narrative Disjunctures in Tourism Rhetoric at Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre, Newgrange, Ireland." In Tourism, Consumption, and Representation: Narratives of Place and Self. Alison Anderson, Kevin Meethan, and Steven Miles (eds), pp. 24-45. Wallingford: CAB International.

Book Reviews
2009 Stacey L. Camp.Post-Medieval Landscapes: Landscape History after Hoskins, Volume 3, P.S. Barwell and M. Palmer (eds.), 2007. Macclesfield: Windgather Press. Review for Journal of Post-Medieval Archaeology 43(2):435-36.
2008 Stacey L. Camp. The Archaeology of Race and Racialization in Historic America, Charles E. Orser, Jr., 2007. Gainesville: University Press of Florida. Review for Historical Archaeology 43(2):161-62.



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