Fall 1987-present, Department of English, University of Idaho

Courses Taught (description/syllabus for highlighted courses, pre-1996 courses are described more briefly):

Spring 2015 English 345 Shakespeare

Fall 2014--sabbatical leave research focused on the traumatic, cultural, historical legacy of the English Civil wars in Restoration drama, 1660-1685, and work in preparation to teach graduate course on theories of trauma and contemporary trauma fiction for spring 2015

Spring 2014 English 345 Shakespeare

Fall 2013 English 341 Early British Literature

Spring 2013 English 345 Shakespeare

Fall 2012 English 475 (s) Studies in Literary Genres: 18th-19th c. Novel

Spring 2012 English 310 Literary Theory

Fall 2011 English 511 Contemporary Critical Theory & Practice

Fall 2010 English 456 Desire for Exchange in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature

Fall 2010 Intr 404.12 Honors: How We Decide

Spring 2009 Contemporary British Fiction

Spring 2008 English 422 The Nineteenth-Century English Novel

Spring 2007 English 404/504 Contemporary British Fiction

Fall 2006 English 421/540 Development of the English Novel: Haywood, Defoe, Richardson, Austen

Fall 2005 Courtship, Wit, and Constraint in the English Novel, 1778-1816