Analytical Chemistry Sofie P. Pasilis University of Idaho Department of Chemistry

Adetayo has a BSc from the University of 

Ibadan, Nigeria, and a MSc from 

Loughborough University, UK. He has 

been at the University of Idaho since 

2011. Adetayo’s latest project involves 

using ESI-MS to study the complexation 

and speciation of uranyl(VI) in the 

presence of amidoxime ligands and 

siderophores such as desferrioxamine B.  

Adetayo Mustapha

Ruma has a BSc and a MSc from 

Kumaun University, Uttarakhand, India. 

She joined our group in summer 2013. 

Ruma is studying the chemistry of 

uranyl(VI) and La(III) species in room 

temperature ionic liquids using IR, 

Raman, and NMR spectroscopic 


Ruma presenting her work at the Idaho Academy of Sciences meeting in Moscow ID, March 21, 2014
Adetayo at Pittcon, Chicago IL, March 2014
Joshi, R. and Pasilis, S. P. Lanthanum(III)  Complexes with Tributylphosphate and  Tributylphosphine Oxide in an Imidazolium-  Based Room temperature Ionic Liquid. 248th   National Meeting of the American Chemical  Society, San Francisco, CA, August 10–14,  2014. Joshi, R. and Pasilis, S. P. Effect of Water on  the Interaction of Tributyl Phosphate Esters  and Phosphine Oxides with Imidazolium-  Based Room Temperature Ionic Liquids.  Idaho Academy of Sciences 56th Annual  Meeting and Symposium. Moscow, ID. March  20–22, 2014. Joshi, R. and Pasilis, S. P. Interaction of  Phosphate Esters and Phosphine Oxides with  Imidazolium-based Room Temperature Ionic  Liquids. 247th National Meeting of the  American Chemical Society, Dallas, TX,  March 16–20, 2014.
Mustapha, A. M. and Pasilis, S. P. Effect of  Desferrioxamine B on Uranyl(VI) Speciation  in the Presence of Amidoxime Ligands. Idaho  Academy of Sciences 56th Annual Meeting  and Symposium. Moscow, ID. March 20–22,  2014. Mustapha, A. M. and Pasilis, S. P. Improved  ESI-MS Detection of Phosphorothioate  Pesticides through Complexation with Ag+   and Cu2+. Pittsburgh Conference 2014,  Chicago, IL, March 2–6, 2014.
Ruma Joshi
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