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The Bahá'í World Center Audio/Visual Department

Terraces of the Shrine of the Báb attract many tourists.  The architecture is beautiful and abundant with ornate details.

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These Bahá'í friends are enjoying the bounty of fellowship together at Bahjí, the most holy place in the Bahá'í Faith.



This site introduces the most significant architecture of the Bahá'í Faith, which is located in Haifa, Israel.  It also includes information about the Bahá'í Faith to facilitate a deeper understanding of the architecture.  However, with its focus on architecture, this site only has a brief introduction to the Bahá'í Faith, so for further information please refer to Credits Links.

Currently there are over six million Bahá'ís in the world including 2,100 ethnic groups (T-0).  Bahá'ís feel a strong connection to these holy places and all donations of money and time used to construct and maintain them are given by individual believers.  Bahá'í scriptures say that work done with the spirit of service to God is a form of worship.  Thus, the Bahá'ís feel it is a special bounty in their lives to have the opportunity to donate money, design, construct, and maintain of Bahá'í places.

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