The ritual bath structure consists of two cantilevered steps leading down into the bath and two handholds alongside the water channel. Three of the bath walls are of several set stones and the main face where water is brought in consists of at least a larger lintel block with the channel and the handholds cut from it.



This room near the Sun Temple exhibits the finer ashlar masonry that would indicate a high purpose within the Inca culture. The niches most likely held idols. The protuberances are carved from the same block that makes the wall. The circular depression visible between the niches on the left is what remains of a broken one.



This view through the door and lintel to the niche and lintel across the room show the similarity in angles used when shaping doors, windows, and niches. One area of continuing study would to measure and accurately describe the relationships of the angles and proportions of each type.





Sacred Valley


Sacred Valley 3