Ancient Cities

Bhaktapur is located 14 km east of Kathmandu. It was once the capital of the entire  Kathmandu Valley. This place is called a "Living Museum" for its beautiful display of ancient history.
History: Bhaktapur became a kingdom in the twelfth century when the King of a nearby place shifted his capital to the western side of Bhaktapur. After that it remained the capital of the entire Valley for the next three centuries until the division of the valley into three kingdoms during Malla Dynasty. Yaksha Malla was the first king of Bhaktapur after the fragmentation.
Bhaktapur Durbar Square consists of a beautiful palace and a number of temples scattered in few squares that are linked together. This durbar square was once described as "the most entrancingly beautiful city scenes in Nepal. Though beautiful to look at, it is weak structurally and was damaged many times by earthquakes. Most of its damage was restored later on, but a lot of the ancient monuments are still missing.
Like all other palace complexes in Nepal, this palace complex also has palaces and temples are arranged around a large and spacious brick paved central courtyard. The fifty-five-window palace is located at the north side of the main square, and many temples are built facing the palace. A narrow lane joins this square to Tamaudi Square, where the Nyatpola and few other temples are present.


The main courtyard of  Bhaktapur Palace Complex with the statue of King Bhupatindra Malla in
front of the Fifty-Five windows Palace

 Patan              Fifty-Five Windows Palace