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The Book of the Grand Hall
Laforet, Andrea
(Quebec :Canadian Museum of Civilization, 1992)

Chiefs of the Sea and Sky : Haida Heritage Sites of the Queen Charlotte Islands
MacDonald, George F.
(Vancouver : UBC Press, 1989, 1993)

Cedar : Tree of life to the Northwest Coast Indians
Stewart, Hilary
(Vancouver and Toronto : Douglas and McIntyre, Seattle and London : University of Washington Press, 1984)
*Beginning with the forms and uses of tools, this book specifically teaches the reader of how the Northwest Native American Indian created their homes, transportation vehicles, and clothing all from the cedar trees.  The book has many sketches depicting the Indians' tool, milling techniques, and building styles.   It also goes into further detail of how the Indians made clothing, baskets, and boxes from this versatile tree.

Children of the raven : the seven Indian nations
Hays, H. R.
(New York : McGraw - Hill, 1975)

Haida Monumental Art : Villages of the Queen Charlotte Islands
MacDonald, George F.
(Vancouver : UBC Press, Seattle : University of Washington Press, 1983, 1994, 1995)

Indians of the North Pacific Coast
McFeat, Tom
(Seattle, University of Idaho Press, 1967)

Indians of the Northwest Coast
Bruggmann, Maximilie
(New York : Facts on File Publications, 1989)

Indians of the Northwest coast
Drucker, Philip
(American Museum of Natural History. Anthropological handbook no. 10, 1955)

Indians of the Northwest Coast
(American Museum of Natural History. Handbook Series no. 10, 1924)

Indians of the Pacific Northwest
Liptak, Karen
(New York : Facts on File, 1991)

Indian primitive
Andrews, Ralph Warre
(New York, Bonanza Books, 1960)

Looking at Totem Poles
Stewart, Hillary
(Seattle : University of Washington Press, 1993)

Malaspina &Galiano : Spanish voyages to the North
Cutter, Donald C.
(Vancouver : Douglas & McIntyre; Seattle, WA : University of Washington Press, 1991)

Native peoples of the Northwest : a traveler's guide
Halliday, Jan
(Seattle : Sasquatch Books, 1996)

Northwest Coast
Wayne Suttles, volume editor
(Washington, DC : Smithsonian Institution, 1990)

Peoples of the coast : the Indians of the Pacific Northwest
Woodcock, George
(Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 1977)
*Peoples of the coast entails the many sides of the Northwest Native American society.  Starting with the Indians pre-history, through their ideas of language and myth, and on to the great spirituality, this book covers a wide variety of subjects on the Native Indian of North America.  This book also covers the Indians' hunting practices and their many artistic styles.

Sea and cedar; how the Northwest coast Indians lived
McConkey, Lois
(Seattle, Madrona Press, 1973)

Those Born at Koona : Villages of the Queen Charlotte Islands, Skedans, and Queen Charlotte Islands
Smyly, John and Carolyn
(Surrey, BC and Blaine, WA : Hancock House Publishers, 1973)

The Tsimshian and their neighbors of the North Pacific
Miller & Eastman
(Seattle : University of Washington Press, 1984)
*This book entails the lives of the Tsimshian located in the Northwest Pacific Coastal area of America.  It includes information on the Native American's ceremonies, family and social structure, and how they related to other tribes in surrounding areas.

The voyage of Sutil and Mexicana, 1792
Relacion del viage
(Spokane, Wash : Arthur H. Clark Co., 1991)