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Green Urbanism Seminar

Spring 2023


Bruce Haglund
Meeting Place and Time  
AAN Shop Crit, Tue-Thur 15:30-16:50

During spring term at UI, students will do basic research on green urbanism and present/discuss their research in the seminar.

Research Questions

1. What is Green Urbanism?

2. How do you know it is green?

3. What examples can inform us?

  • Are there past examples?

  • Are there current examples?

  • Are there future examples


Course Assignments

There will be two main assignments:

  • A paper on Green Urbanism in the style of a conference proceedings submission
  • A 20-minute presentation of the ideas incorporated in the paper.

Presentations. Students are required to give short presentations on the following topics and dates:


Class Schedule

Do not print the schedule as it is liable to change as plans are finalized.

JAN 10 No Class 12 Intro
  17 Green Cities of Europe Discussion 19 Workshop
  24 Green Cities Checklist Workshop 26 Workshop
  31 Life After Carbon Discussion 2 Workshop
FEB 7 Research Proposal Due 9
  14 16 Abstract Due
  21 Work Day (no class) 23 Presentations:
London, Freiburg, Venice
  28 Presentations:
Copenhagen, Helsinki, Vitoria-Gatiez
MAR 7 9 Guest Lecture: Xiao Hu, Chinese Cities
  14          Spring 16        Break
  21  Draft Co-Editing 23  Draft Co-Editing
  28  Draft Co-Editing 30  Draft Co-Editing
APR 4    Draft Co-Editing 6    Draft Co-Editing
  11  Four Presentations: Bethany, Chad, Etienne,Kathy 13  Four Presentations: Skyler, Hala, Rui, Danielle
  18  Four Presentations: Shristi, Tristan, Kaitlin, Tluang 20  Four Presentations: Nathalia, Minqing, Chris, Tyler
  25  Tea with Tyler: Bring biscuits (store-bought cookies), cookies (homemade), or scones as well as your own tea bags. 27 Grad Crits, No Class
MAY 2 Undergrad Crits. No Class 4 Undergrad Crits. No Class

Required Texts

  • Green Cities of Europe, Timothy Beatley, Island Press. Available in PDF from the UI Library at <>.

    Read by Jan 16:
    • "Introduction: Why Study European Cities," GCE, pp 1–28.
    • Chapter 9, "Conclusion: Green Cities of Europe as Compelling Models," GCE, pp 215–224

    "That we need new models of urbanization—that is, sustainable urbanization—is especially clear here in the U.S. Where to look for new models is always a question, and as this book [GCE] argues European cities remain a powerful source of potent ideas and inspiring practice." —Tim Beatley
  • Life After Carbon, Peter Plastrik and John Cleveland, Island Press. 

    "The future of our cities is not what it used to be. The modern-city model that took hold globally in the twentieth century has outlived its usefulness. It cannot solve the problems it helped to create--especially global warming. Fortunately, a new model for urban development is emerging in cities to aggressively tackle the realities of climate change." —Plastrik and Cleveland

    Read by Jan 30:
    • "Prologue, Introduction, and Part I: On the Innovation Pathway," LAC pp i–63.
  • A Green Cities Checklist: A Subjective Rating Rubric, B. Haglund & M. Payne.

"To meet the challenges of mitigating global climate change it is not sufficient to merely design and construct sustainable buildings. Sustainability must be attained on the neighborhood, city, and regional scales." Download

Recommended Web Sites

Syllabus Schedule TBD