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BbLearn's Time Zone is presented as US Pacific Time (PT). If you are located in a different time zone, you will have to convert the Pacific Time (PT) displayed in BbLearn to your own time zone.

Top Questions

  1. Why can't I view this PDF?
    Due to security changes in browsers, there can be issues with some PDF files downloading just the first page of a document and/or asking you for a username and password. Learn how to view these PDFs »
  2. Why can't I login?
    Login to BbLearn requires the use of your University of Idaho email address and password. You are also required to use Duo, a Multi-Factor Authentication System. You may reset your password if you're not sure what it is. Learn more »
  3. Where's my course?
    Students are automatically added to BbLearn courses four weeks before the semester starts as well as throughout the term. However, they will not gain access to a course until the Instructor turns the course on for student access. Learn more »
  4. Why won't my file upload?
    Ensure that there are no special characters (e.g., #%&@) in the filename and that the file name is not extremely long. If the file is large, it may take a while to upload depending on your Internet connection speed. If you can, move to a wired rather than wireless connection for a faster upload. Learn more »
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