Add "My Grades" Tool

Add the "My Grades" Tool to your course menu to give students easy access to view their grades. Although there are several additional ways for students to see grades (e.g. Student Mobile App, Global Navigation, etc.), the alternatives are non-intuitive to find.

Note: The only way to insure that students cannot see existing grades in BbLearn is to hide each grade column individually.

Here's how you add the "My Grades" tool to your course menu:

  • Turn Edit Mode "ON" in the upper right corner of BbLearn.
  • Click on the Add Menu Item plus symbol button located above the course menu.
    No plus symbol? Turn edit mode "ON".
  • Select Tool Link.
  • Set the Name to My Grades.
  • Select the My Grades Type.
  • Check the Available to Users option.
  • Press Submit.
  • You may also choose which grade columns to show to your students.
  • Use the arrows to the left of the menu item to reorder the navigation.

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