Edit Assignments

You can modify most settings within an assignment, even after the submission of an assignment, with the exception of the assignment recipients. You must choose individual students, or the groups of students who will complete the assignment prior to any student submitting the assignment.

SafeAssign, BbLearn's plagiarism detection software, is an option available for the Assignment Tool. SafeAssign can be turned on for existing assignments by editing the Assignment Submission Details. If SafeAssign is turned on for an assignment mid-semester, SafeAssign reports will not run for submissions that have already been graded.

Modify an Assignment

  • Locate your assignment within one of your content areas (left side menu items).
  • Click the Option menu next to the assignment, select Edit

General Settings

  • On the Edit Assignment page modify the assignment Name if needed. (e.g., Assignment 1)
  • In the text editor box, type in instructions for the Assignment OR copy and paste content using Control + V (or Mac - Command + V) created elsewhere. Learn more about using the BbLearn Text Editor.
  • Optional: Browse Your Computer or Your Course to attach a file to the Assignment. Read help for converting to PDF files to ensure compatiblity with Chrome's PDF viewer.
  • Optional: Enter the Due Date for the Assignment and check the box to the left of the Due Date to turn it on. The due date is visible to the student within the assignment instructions, in the My Grades area, and in the student's Calendar.

Grading Settings

  • Enter the Points Possible for the Assignment.
  • Optional: Use a Rubric to grade the Assignment. There are several options available for showing the Rubric to Students: No, After Grading, Yes (Without Rubric Scores) Yes (With Rubric Scores). Learn more about Rubrics.
  • Within the grading section under Points Possible and Add Rubric, you will find three sub-categories: Submission Details, Grading Options, and Display of Grades.

Submission Details

  • Click on Submission Details
  • Leave it as Individual Submission unless you want to the students to work in groups and have just one student from each group submit the assignment on the group's behalf.
  • Select the number of Assignment Attempts you wish to allow. (Options: Single Attempt, Multiple Attempts, Unlimited Attempts)


  1. If you are using SafeAssign, the plagiarism detection software, for this assignment...[CLICK TO EXPAND]

    To enable SafeAssign for Plagiarism Detection, check the box under Plagiarism Tools. The SafeAssign report runs on student submitted text and files. SafeAssign only supports file types that are convertible to plain text including: DOCX, DOC, PPT, PPTX, PDF, TXT, ODT, RTF, HTML, and HTM. Spreadsheet files are not supported.

    Best practice is to allow more than one attempt with only the final submission being graded. Share the SafeAssign report with your students to aid them in revising their work, correcting their citations, and learning how to paraphrase correctly. Each new attempt is recognized by SafeAssign as originating from the same student and the same assignment and will not be checked against content in previous attempts.
    SafeAssign Settings:

    - Check "Allow students to view SafeAssign originality report" to give your students access. A recommended best practice in using SafeAssign as a teaching tool is to allow multiple attempts for an assignment and then allow students to revise and resubmit their work after viewing the originality report.

    - Do not check "Exclude submissions from the Institutional and Global Reference Database". THE EXCEPTION: Only if the assignment is a submitted DRAFT and students will turn in their final work to a SEPARATE graded SafeAssign Assignment should you check this option.

Grading Options

  • Click on Grading Options
  • (Optional) Anonymous Grading
    You may choose to hide student names from submission attempts during grading, making them anonymous. Enable Anonymous Grading by checking the box provided. Next, choose when you want to automatically REMOVE the students' anonymity:
    • On specific date: Provide the date you want to disable anonymous grading. The system will automatically hide student names until that date.
    • After all submissions are graded: Provide a due date. Student names will remain hidden until all three events occur:
      • students have submitted their attempts
      • the due date passes
      • all attempts have been graded
    Clear the Enable Anonymous Grading check box to manually disable anonymous grading at any time. You can turn anonymous grading on and off until a student submits an attempt. After the first submission, you can only turn it off. If you grade some attempts anonymously, then turn off the anonymous setting, the items graded with revealed names aren't tracked as "Graded Anonymously."
  • (Optional) Enable Delegated Grading by checking the box provided. more »
  • Display of Grades

    • Click on Display of Grades
    • Columns are setup by default to show Score as the Primary display and nothing for thesecondary display. NOTE: The secondary display is NOT SHOWN to students, only to instructors.
    • Exclude the grade for this assignment from the Grade Center Calculations by unchecking the box.
    • The grade center column for this assignment is shown to students by default.
    • The score for this assignment is shown to students by default.
    • The statitics for this assignment as not shown to students by default.

    Availability Settings

    • The Assignment is Available to Students by default.
    • Optional: You may Limit the Availability or access that your students have to the assignment by entering a date range. Be sure to check the boxes to the left of Display After and Display Until to turn them on.
    • Click Submit to save your Assignment.
    • BbLearn displays a success message at the top of the page.

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